Friday, November 14, 2008

Gratitude with attitude...

Many people have gone out of their way to assist me in this adoption process. Many more will going forward, I know. The very first thing I had to do in this is to open up, divulge my hopes, and trust in friends as I asked them to write a reference for me. This was not a simple process. It was hard. There were a number of difficult, provoking, and detailed questions they needed to answer. They needed to take time to think about what they would write, what the right answers were and then again to get it notarized. Dodie even hired a babysitter to baby sit her kids and the kids she was baby sitting, just so she could get a couple hours to type it all out. Then take her "active" 4 and 2 year old to the bank and wait for a notary... you can imagine that was a peaceful afternoon for all involved. I use Dodie and an example cause it makes a funny story and you can easily picture it in your mind. And yet her story is not unique. Mine is not unique. This process is exhausting for everyone involved.

So after my last home visit, I planned a dinner to thank my reference people. I could have invited 3 times as many people, given the shear number of people that have been behind me supporting me till this point. But... my house is small and ya gotta stop somewhere. They'll be more dinners to come I'm sure!

When I planned the dinner back in mid October, I thought we'd be celebrating the acceptance of my dossier by mid November so I planned it for then. Who knew, I'd have only just received a final copy of the home study that day... Currently, I'm still waiting for my placing agency to tell my they've accepted my home study so I can finish my dossier.
Anyway, my lovely dinner celebration was just chili in the crockpot, wings and paper plates, but with lots of drinks and good friends... only one thing could have been better. IF the GERRISH's had actually showed up! ppthththth.

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